Thank you for trying MileTime! I hope you are enjoying it.


Please send any feedback, bug reports, or comments via email at This email goes directly to the developer of MileTime, so I hope you understand if my reply is not immediate, but I will read it and reply.

Within the iPhone app, on the Settings page, you will find a button which creates a new email message to that address. I recommend you use that button, as it automatically includes your app version and iOS version, in case you are reporting a bug I need to reproduce. If you email me otherwise, I’d appreciate that information, as well as any other context you can give.

If you are enjoying MileTime, please take a moment to rate it on the App Store. Positive ratings are the lifeblood of small, independent apps with limited marketing budgets.


MileTime is a simple app with a simple privacy policy. You can find the current privacy policy here. We value your trust, and take your privacy seriously.